Fassfern White Rose Highland Gin Launch

26 October, 2021

Fassfern Highland Gins are delighted to announce the launch of a third product to our range of Hand Crafted, Small Batch Gins.

We are adding a White Rose Highland Gin to our existing Dry Highland and Bramble Highland Gins, this is a truly exciting addition to our product portfolio.

Fassfern White Rose Highland Gin utilises the flowers picked from the Fassfern White Rose, with permission of course!, to produce a beautiful smooth and fragrant floral gin. This Rose is indeed the same White Rose that it is believed Bonnie Prince Charlie plucked and placed in his bonnet, becoming known as the White Cockade, a symbol of the Jacobite cause.

The Rose has a very distinct fragrance and combined with its history, provided the perfect choice for an addition to our existing Gin range. Rose and especially white rose can be a very delicate flavour and therefore it was important that this was delicately balanced with the other botanicals, so that it was not overpowered, yet remained a true gin.

The White Rose is complimented with a touch of Lavender and Rose hip plus of course Juniper, Angelica and Pink Peppercorns to produce this wonderfully fragrant, floral, yet smooth gin for your enjoyment. This is indeed a fantastic addition to our range bringing history to life with every drop. Our White Rose Highland Gin has a wondeful flavour, but why not try it with a splash of Elderflower tonic and a slice of pear or white nectarine as the perfect serving suggestion?

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